Find your balance with our brand new range of essential oils in a variety of mood enhancing fragrances. Use yours with the Ultrasonic Diffuser. This stylish electric fragrance diffuser uses ultrasonic technology to atomize water and BeBalanced by PartyLite™ Home Fragrance with Essential Oils to produce a cool, fragrant mist.

A stylish spa-like diffuser
• Add required amount of water and drops of
oil, plug in and fragrance is diffused
• 300ml water + 10 – 12 drops oil = 6 hours
• 150ml water + 6 – 8 drops oil = 3+ hours
• 80ml water + 3 – 4 drops oil = 1.5+ hours
• Timer lets you set turn-off time
• Automatic shut-off when water is low
• Features multi-colour or colour-stop LED
• Fragrance up to 6 hours
• Perfect for large spaces.